Read&Write for Windows has various tools to help with reading any text.  This course details how each tool works and how it can be adapted to suit the individual user.  

What Will You Learn?
In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Have a document read back
  • Adapt the speech feedback
  • Have text read from webpages
  • Adjust how words are pronounced
  • Use the Speak as I type function
  • Turn on and off ScreenReading
  • Adjust the way text is highlighted as it is read
  • Use the Screenshot Reader to read text within pictures, inaccessible Flash or locked PDF documents
  • Export text from the Screenshot Reader to Microsoft Word
  • Convert text into an audio file using the Speech Maker
  • Have a PDF document read to you using PDF Aloud
  • Have a PDF document read to you from within Adobe Reader or Acrobat